Tim Coopmans

Postdoc in quantum computing/quantum networks

I obtained a PhD from QuTech, Delft University of Technology, under supervision of David Elkouss and Stephanie Wehner (PhD diploma: fall 2021).

After a very short postdoc there and having travelled for a number of months, I started as a postdoc in the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, and as part of the Applied Quantum Algorithms groups, with Alfons Laarman in fall 2022.

Research interests: Also see "Designing the quantum future on a regular computer".

Selected publications

For all (pre-)publications see the arXiv or Google Scholar.

LIMDD: a decision diagram for simulation of quantum computing including stabilizer states (2021)
L. Vinkhuijzen*, T. Coopmans*, D. Elkouss, V. Dunjko and A. Laarman
ArXiv preprint

NetSquid, a discrete-event simulation platform for quantum networks (2021)
T. Coopmans*, R. Knegjens*, A. Dahlberg, D. Maier, L. Nijsten, J. de Oliveira Filho, M. Papendrecht, J. Rabbie, F. Rozpędek, M. Skrzypczyk, L. Wubben, W. de Jong, D. Podareanu, A. Torres Knoop, D. Elkouss, S. Wehner
Published: Nature Communications Physics (Editor’s Highlight)
(ArXiv preprint)

Improved analytical bounds on delivery times of long-distance entanglement (2022)
T. Coopmans, S. Brand and D. Elkouss
Published: Physical Review A (Editor’s Suggestion)
(Arxiv preprint)

Efficient computation of the waiting time and fidelity in quantum repeater chains (2020)
S. Brand*, T. Coopmans*, D. Elkouss
Published: IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
(Arxiv preprint)

* Equally-contributing authors.


National Growth Fund Quantum Technology Programme (2022) (NWO news)

Leiden University Fund (2022) (LUF news)

ASML Technology Scholarship (2016)